I love to hear new business names and learn about their origins.  When I decided that I was going to start a company, I thought long and hard about the name.  I had all kinds of weird ideas, but none of them stuck, until I dreamed up “maddjett”.

maddjett is short for my cute and cuddly four year-old Maddox; and Jett, my mini-me, science loving six year-old.  The name is very personal to me, and it exhibits that we are a family first business.

One of the dreams I had when I launched was that I could create an environment where I work with clients and projects that inspired me, while still having the space and time to be a quality parent to my boys.  When projects present themselves, the first lens I filter them through is “will this project take too much away from my family life”.  Will we be able to work on this project, and deliver excellence, while balancing our families needs?  There are so many factors that go into making these choices – but the first thing I think of is “people impact” of the job.

Another reason why I named my company after my kids, is to remind me every day that the work I do creates a legacy that I will leave behind for them.  Along with the entertainers and artists we work with, we donate our time to non-profits and offer them business development services for free.  It is important to me that my boys understand that there is more to this world then the glimmer of the lights and the adulation that entertainers receive.  Therefore, we give of our time, and are as excited about those clients as we are the traditional paying clients.

Oftentimes I get asked what the name means, and I light up because I am now able to talk about my most prized possessions – my children.  By being able to have personal conversations with other business people, it helps you be vulnerable and to get to know one another better.  I love that talking about my company name gives people a peek into my life and they can see that there is so much more to me then just the business work that I do.  I have two babies at home who love me, and I love to share stories about their adventures.

Your company name is an important identifier and says so much about your business.  What does your name say about you?

Here is an article describing how 17 famous companies got their names.  It is a fun read.