Aa is for Apple.
Tt is for Taylor.
Ii is for Influence.
If you have been following music news lately, you probably saw this blog where Taylor Swift challenged Apple to pay artists for the three month trial of their new Apple music streaming service.  And it worked – after reading the blog and the extreme push back about their decisions, Apple overturned their decision and decided to pay artists during the fan’s trial period.  Great move by Apple – but an even greater move by Taylor.
Taylor Swift carries a TON of influence – she has sold millions of albums, and has built a platform around being approachable, gracious, and an overall “good” girl.  And in the past few years, she has decided to use her voice to stand up for the things she believes in – empowering women, her fans, and fellow musicians along the way.  I love watching someone with incredible celebrity stand up for what they believe in.
But as I thought about Taylor’s actions this morning, I realized how much influence each one of us has.  Basically, if you are breathing you have influence over someone in your path, your sphere or your tribe.  It is easy for us to look to public figures and hope that they use their platform to make change, and whilst doing so, ignore the platform that you yourself have.
So the question is, how are you using your influence today?  What are you standing for?  What do you believe in enough to take a stand for.
Ii is for Influence.  We all have it.  Use it.