Oh the Super Bowl…an American (and now global) tradition unlike any other. The NFL’s two best teams coming together for what football fans hope is an epic clash. It’s the best of days for fans of the winning team and the worst of days for fans of the losing team. If you happen to be a lifelong Atlanta Falcons fan like myself, then you still can’t get over/make sense of what exactly transpired on Sunday night in Houston…but there’s always next year!


The Super Bowl is also a time for both fans and non-football fans to gather ’round the nearest TV and watch two of the other spectacles that come with the big game. Of course, I am talking about the halftime show and the commercials. Both are parts of the broadcast I look forward to each year but for this particular blog I want to focus on the commercials. Overall, the theme of SB 51’s commercials were largely political. Given today’s political climate I obviously understand why. While many of those commercials were good, I like a little humor mixed in with my heartwarming/inspiring message. So, here’s my personal list of the Top 5 Super Bowl 51 commercials in no particular order. (Please know that the opinions shared here are my own.)


Honda CRV “Yearbook”




This commercial stood out to me because of the yearbook factor. Anytime you have “before they were stars” celeb photos coming to life on the pages of a high school yearbook, you are going to attract attention. Beyond that, it was funny and inspiring. The message really hits home in a time when the daily negative news of the world can get you down. Everyone needs a reminder that all of us should be chasing our dreams to see where they lead us.


Bai Brands Starring Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken




If you are of a certain age, you grew up with modern day boy bands. As far removed from NSYNC as Justin Timberlake is, he will always owe it to NSYNC as the group that helped propel him to superstardom. Now that he is an investor in Bai Brands, it only makes sense for the brand to use his star power to bring their name to the Super Bowl masses. Plus, the commercial was simple, understated and featured Christopher Walken quoting NSYNC lyrics. Enough said.


Tide “Stain” Starring Terry Bradshaw and Jeffrey Tambor




Only a few minutes before this commercial immediately caught my eye, I had seen Terry Bradshaw and Curt Menefee in the exact same Fox Super Bowl booth setting and Terry was sporting a large stain on his shirt. As soon as this commercial began I knew Tide had duped all of us. Therefore, this ad was highly clever, timely, and relatable. I mean who hasn’t been at a Super Bowl party and dripped a saucy dip on your shirt?! (can’t be just me, right??) Not only was it funny but it also highlighted the brand as a quick and successful stain removing tool.


Kia Niro “Hero’s Journey” Starring Melissa McCarthy




We all know we need to be more environmentally friendly. We can all do our part to be better. However, it’s not always that easy to check all of the environmental “to do” boxes. Therefore, Kia would like to tell you that they’ve designed an eco-friendly SUV that helps you do your part to save Mother Earth. A solid message told in a goofy way with classic-slapstick Melissa McCarthy humor. A recipe for success in my book.


NFL “Super Bowl Baby Legends”




I love football. As detailed at the beginning of this post, I am an Atlanta Falcons fan. I always look forward to the Super Bowl (but especially this year!) because it’s a great excuse to gather with a group of friends and/or family and watch football. Something that might not normally be a socially acceptable focal point for a party. I remember watching the Super Bowl with my wife and some friends last year when the original version of this commercial ran. I loved it then and I loved it again this year. Football (and more importantly the Super Bowl) brings people together and I hope football continues to bring generation after generation together for years to come. Plus, the babies are super cute. Mike Ditka baby?! I mean come on! I want that mustachioed kid!