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I’ve lived in the Middle Tennessee area since 2001 and Nashville proper since 2005. I’ve seen this city grow leaps and bounds over the past 15 years and become the “IT” city that it is often labeled today. For many reasons (too many to list here) I am very much Team Nashville. One of the main reasons for my Nashville love affair is the sense of community in this city, specifically, the Nashville music community.

Known to many all over the world as Music City USA, on a daily basis music is the heartbeat of this city and so many of its inhabitants. It takes a village of all kinds of people and many moving parts to make an artists career. It’s a true COMMUNITY of people coming together as a TEAM for one reason. To take part in the joy that comes with seeing an artist be successful. That’s what makes Nashville special.

Recently, I’ve had several key instances where I’ve witnessed our music community in action. In January, my wife and I attended the 30A Songwriters Festival along the beaches of South Walton, Florida, a beautiful experience indeed. Even though we were a long way from Nashville, there was a full community of people down in the 30A area from our fine city. From songwriters to publishers, managers, bankers, marketers, etc., I was incredibly proud to see how honored so many were when they stated they were from Nashville. I also noticed that all of the Nashville folks were incredibly complimentary of each other, whether it is when talking from stage or when in discussions at the nightly after parties. Driving the spirit of the Nashville music community is the sense that everyone roots for each other and wants each other to succeed. I witness this often in our city but seeing it here was special. We were miles away from Tennessee but the positive, communal Nashville vibe was shining brightly all the way down in the sunny Florida panhandle that weekend.

A few weeks later I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a night devoted to the catalog of the great Van Morrison at a small rock club in East Nashville, The Basement East. Several bandleaders curated the night and a different guest lead singer sang each song covered by the band. The singers ranged from solo acts to singers of various bands, but one thing they all had in common is that they were part of the overall Nashville music community in one way or another. Most of them live here and if they don’t live here full-time, they’ve spent quality time here writing or recording. The sold-out crowd witnessed something special with each song covered and we could tell that it was definitely another one of those “Nashville” nights. The kind of event you randomly hear about and end up having the night of your life because the quality of the musicianship is so high. The Nashville community thrives on nights like this. It’s a prime time to showcase the spirit of the city, the spirit that brings Nashville music makers together to engage with one another in order to deliver something positive to the community.

So I ask you…if you’ve never been to Nashville, what are you waiting on? You never know what the Nashville music community has in store for you. Come join TEAM NASHVILLE and see what we are all about.