So this is the nefarious “end of the year” blog.  2015 was a year of surprises, new adventures, new business ventures and new relationships.  I hope that every year can be as rich as 2015 was; and I hope that through what I learned this year, I will be able to manage future years even better!

Here are my takeaways…

Trust the process:  I am a believer that God wants to give us the desires of our hearts, no matter how big or small.  Last January, I had big dreams for maddjett but was unsure of how I was going to fulfill them.  I felt frustrated, and honestly scared.  I came out of my first year of business setting a Guinness World Record with Hunter Hayes and working with Oprah on her Life You Want Tour, among other things, and I literally was paralyzed wondering “where do I go from here”?  And then, the opportunity to work with Taylor Swift on the 1989 Tour opened up, seemingly out of nowhere.  But after further examination, the opportunity came about from an idea I developed in 2013, for a different project…and all of the pieces came together and worked perfectly for the 1989 Tour.

So although I did not see what was about to unfold, the work I had done in previous years came together at the perfect moment and opportunity knocked right when I needed it.  And working on that tour, with such a great partner in Pixmob, was a wild, exciting, world traveling ride.

Sometimes the thing you think you want the most is the worst thing for you: This summer, there were two things on my heart that I really wanted; one that I received, and one that I did not.  And the one that I did not get burned me, and hurt – a lot.  I was frustrated, sad, mad and confused as to why the situation did not sway in my favor.  But now, with some time away from it, I am so thankful that I did not get what I wanted so badly.  In hindsight, I can see that this decision would have hindered me much more then it would have helped me; and now I am so thankful that I did not get what I thought was right for me.  I definitely feel like there was divine protection in that process, even though I hated every minute of it as it played out.

People matter more than the biggest stage on the planet: This is a lesson I have been learning over and over throughout the last few years.  When it is all said and done, people matter the most.  It does not matter how large your calling is, if the people closest to you are not valued and taken care of.

There’s no place I will go that God won’t find me: I traveled a lot this year.  Tokyo, Sydney, Honolulu, most major cities in the US…there was a 12 week string to end the year that I was on a plane every single week.  So many skymiles, a lot of music, and ample time to think and reflect.  Oftentimes, traveling can be lonely and frustrating, and I missed my family a lot.  But, the one thing that was impressed upon me throughout these jaunts was that there is absolutely no place I could go that God would not be with me, near me, around me and ahead of me.  This was impressed on my mind at 30,000 feet and at the foot of the ocean.  Over and over.  And honestly, if I only take one thing away from 2015, I pray that this is stamped on my heart.

Check out this song by Bethel music that became my anthem… You Don’t Miss a Thing

I am so thankful for 2015 – but I am even more excited for what lies ahead.  With every passing year, I recognize how little I actually know – and how much I have to trust God to show me the path.  For someone who is as Type A as I am, it can be so unsettling. (So unsettling!!) But I am focused on trusting and surrendering it all and knowing that God is with me, near me, around me and leading me.  For it is in my weakness that I am strong.

Happy New Year!!