Project Description

PixMob blurs the line between audience and stage by involving the crowd in the show. Using interactive technology, PixMob devices (like bracelets, orbs, and more) engage and add a new, compelling layer to live events. Just as a DJ works with music, the PixMob operator mixes visual effects, adapting to the moment and building excitement in the crowd (check out thisreel of their work). This incredible technology has been showcased during the 2014 Olympics, Super Bowl XLVIII, and more.

We first encountered PixMob on Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend Tour. There, we championed their bracelets and partnered them with RFID technology.  The bracelets created an unmatched consumer experience (lighting up at key points throughout the program and instantly posting or emailing pictures captured at different sponsor activations) while supplying sponsors with great data about an engaged audience; this first-of-its-kind integration won an Event Tech Award for Best Combination of Event Technologies (B-to-C).

Their ingenuity and goals speak right to our heart:

  • Create extraordinary and unprecedented experiences
  • Collaborate with exceptional partners to meet the highest reliability and quality standards
  • Develop products that specifically correspond to client needs

maddjett works with PixMob on strategy, product development, client acquisition and project management. With our knowledge of this one-of-a-kind, patented technology, our team works with PixMob clients to take events to the next level. We’re thrilled to be working with these amazing innovators.