In 2013, I had a dream in my heart to change my work circumstances…and I took a leap to start maddjett.  I am fortunate that my parents ingrained in me that I could be “whatever I wanted to be”.  They taught me that there were no limits to my dreams…and I believed them.  At the time, I had what I considered my “dream job” with an incredible boss and team around me.  On paper, it made no sense to stop what I was doing.  But in my heart, I yearned for a different path for my family.

I ran across this cartoon today and I immediately thought YES.  Yes you can change your circumstances and N E V E R S E T T L E for a life that you don’t want to be living.

Check it out and take the leap.  If you ever need encouragement to dive deep, call me.  I would love to talk to you.