Our friend and client, Annie Downs, wrote a book inspiring people to be BRAVE last summer – and this month we are celebrating the one-year anniversary.  Throughout the year we have heard thousands of stories of readers telling us how they chose to be brave in their life – how the book inspired them to take a leap of faith.

I always love hearing stories of how people leapt into the great unknown, and showed real bravery to make changes in their own life.  We have a wooden sign that hangs in our house right by our main door that tells us to “Be Brave and Be Kind”.  This is our family mantra.

But on many days, I don’t feel particularly brave.  Things feel mundane, and life can feel like it is passing you by.  Especially, because of the fact that I am raising two {beautiful} boys and running my own company.  So on these days, I mentally challenge myself to get outside of my comfort level and be brave in the ordinary things of life.  IF I am not feeling very social, I try to be brave and start a conversation with a stranger I am sitting by on a plane.  This actually led me to gaining new business one time – which was totally unexpected.  When I am headed to a meeting that can occasionally be uninspiring, I remind myself to be brave enough to stretch myself, and choose to lean in and offer something new even if it all feels the same.

I recently read this article and thought that this is a great illustration that correlates to BRAVERY.

The article shows this new type of art showing up in Seattle that only shows up when it rains.  They paint the concrete with this translucent chemical that only shows up when the pavement is wet.  So people who walk the same path when it rains see an inspiring message.  The art is always there, it is just not always visible.

Bravery is always there, you just might not see it on the surface.

If you choose to be intentional and find ways to be brave in your everyday life, opportunities will present themselves.  Bravery doesn’t always have to be this big arduous task like climbing a mountain or quitting a job; it might look like blogging for the first time, learning a new language, or saying Hi to someone.

We love Annie and have been inspired about bravery from her book and her talks on the topic.  Become her friend here and you can get your own copy of Let’s All Be Brave here.

Be brave today.