It’s nearing the end of the month…and if you are like most people, your New Years resolutions have already been blown up and busted!!  What you were so psyched about at the beginning of the year (which was only 25 days ago) seems super far fetched with no glimmer of hope…
There is no time like the present.  who cares that it is late January – take 10 minutes and assess where you are at, what you want to achieve, and J U S T  S T A R T.
Put your running shoes on. Take social media off of your phone.  Pick up a book.  Call your Mother.  Take 5 minutes today to achieve your dreams.
Here is a great exercise – write yourself a letter to read on December 31, 2017 congratulating yourself on everything you have accomplished this year.  Seal it and put it in your top dresser drawer.