I have written about this before – and I am sure to write about it again.

If your brand is not adapting to…

w h a t consumer’s want,

w h e n they want it,

h o w they want it delivered,

you are going to be left behind.

With the rise of the middle class and the millennial population making more money then the Boomers ever did at their age, people want things delivered to them in a customary manner that meets their needs – not your brand’s ideal timeline.  They have money to spend.  If your brand makes the process too slow or difficult, they will spend their money somewhere else.

So start now by assessing your brand and its deliverables – are there ways that you can make it simpler and more efficient to get in the hands of your clientele?  Without losing quality, can you meet their needs in a more seamless manner?

Case Study: Check out Warby Parker and the way that they have revolutionized the eyewear business.

Start with little changes now to meet your consumers needs and it will pay off.