Over the last few years, we have been incredibly fortunate to have some really great interns. Our current intern, Stephen is one of those. Each day Stephen comes in ready to work and serve in whatever capacity is necessary for the day. Never once has he complained or said that the job wasn’t what he signed up for. He simply finishes the task and then asks “what’s next?” We are grateful to have had Stephen in the office and will miss him going forward. As one of his last assignments, I asked him to write a blog about his experience here at maddjett. Here are his words…

The past eight months I’ve spent on the maddjett team have been so interesting and productive, I feel like my time has just flown by. As an intern, the projects I do for this lean mean brand building machine are valued and appreciated, which has only propelled me to do more as a team member. Interesting and meaningful work is often hard to come by, but being introduced and integrated into maddjett’s work ethic for its colorful portfolio of clients has to be some of the most exciting work I’ve done. The team is efficient, passionate, and encouraging to say the least, and each member brings something extra to the table, which separates maddjett from other companies.

Leigh is an incredible leader, her experience with brand building along with her go-getter persona make her an excellent role model, and she embodies what it means to be an industry innovator. The team is very down to earth and understanding, and always goes the extra mile to exceed their client’s expectations, a trait that I truly admire and plan to carry with me for the rest of my career. Whether we are listening to Vanilla Ice or Frank Sinatra, the same level of enthusiasm and ambitiousness is always present. Being able to count on your coworkers is a crucial factor in any company, and the cohesiveness between maddjett employees is one of the key factors that keep things flowing. Whenever I was in the office, there was never a time I felt uncomfortable or afraid to express my opinion, and that is a rare quality for a company to have inside the workplace.

Coming onto this team, I expected to get some real experience from a marketing company, and get a feel for the way business is handled in today’s society. Being on the maddjett team has not only given me great experience, but has also shown me that if you have passion for the work you do, and surround yourself with individuals that push you to do better, there is no limit to the things you can accomplish.