I love social media.  It is the most convenient and efficient way to keep up with friends & family – and a fun way to share experiences.  I have always loved photographs, so Instagram is a dream come true for this high school level photographer (and with all of the filters, some of my photos become passable)!

I have never actually had an aversion to social media, or a bad experience with it, as some have.  I have had moments where I have longingly looked at other “human highlight reels” and dreamed of their life experience.  And, honestly, I have felt a sense of being left out when I see a group of people partaking in something I wasn’t invited to.  Those emotions have existed, but I haven’t let them ruin the medium for me.

But what it has done for me, is it has taught me to be more thankful – and that lesson came through action.

Two years ago, I decided to focus on taking photos of things that I was #thankful for in a campaign called #365gratefulness.  I began documenting the small and big moments in my life worth celebrating. There were days that it felt impossible to be grateful for absolutely anything. At the time, I was feeling a lot of anxiety over my career, my husband changing jobs, and our two boys under the age of 4. There seemed to be a lot more stress in my life than happiness.  But I remained committed to documenting daily moments of joy.

What happened through the process was a change in heart and an unfolding in my spirit to be thankful for different things each day.  I challenged myself to find new things I was grateful for each day – as I was prone to just post pics of my family all the time.  But I started seeking out things I was grateful for and it changed my attitude.  I now anticipate thankfulness in everyday experiences.

There is so much good in the world, and I 100% believe it is how you approach a situation that deems your perspective on it.  Social media was a catalyst for this change in my perspective and shockingly…I am #thankful for it. #365gratefulness