It’s hard to believe I’ve only been interning with maddjett for slightly over two weeks because already I feel so integrated into this team. The three-person team that comprises maddjett is a unique mixture of personalities that happens to work seamlessly together. In addition to delivering results for clients,

Liz loves her work and continues to teach me many things about maddjett, our clients, and other important nuggets of wisdom (like how putting strawberries in soda tastes great).

Shaun is a laid back, diligent worker. He’s also our resident DJ and selects the soundtrack each day as Liz and I can never come up with a response to the question “What are you in the mood for today?”

Leigh is a great leader. I continue to learn from her work ethic and her motivation to have her team put out the best work we can. Most importantly, I’ve learned to never let the waitress take the rest of your fries when you’re out for a team lunch! Fries are meant to be shared.

The environment is supportive – while still challenging and I’m thankful for the never-ending supply of meaningful projects to work on. My first impression of maddjett holds true – this is a small company with a big passion for branding and marketing.

Our turn!

Alessandra – or Ale (pronounced Allie) – has been an asset to our team from day one. She researched and got to know our clients and works toward accomplishing our goals for each of them. She’s been willing to tackle any project with limited direction and delivers results that consistently exceed expectations.

We’re thankful to have her – and are so appreciative of the significant contributions she’s made to new client work (that we’ll be revealing soon – so stay tuned)! Our future interns will have a LOT to live up to… despite her failure to indulge in sweet treats from Whole Foods – and we still can’t talk about the infamous French fry incident – so, please, don’t ask.

If you’re interested in an internship with maddjett – let us know! Shoot an email with your resume and 5 facts that separate you from fellow candidates to work {at} maddjett {dot} com.  We’re currently on the lookout for someone to join us this Fall!