We were once again fortunate to work with our client, Pepsi MidAmerica (PMA), on the K-LOVE Fan Awards Weekend. For the third consecutive year, PMA served as the presenting sponsor of the event.

Since the conclusion of the 2014 Annual K-LOVE Awards, we worked with PMA to negotiate the event contract, connected with labels to secure artists for the third series of Christian can panels (pictured below), prepped all creative assets for the partnership, coordinated a presentation of the cans, hosted PMA guests throughout the Awards Weekend, and provided a recap of the entire year’s work for our client.

After helping in a similar capacity last year, it was truly a pleasure prepping for this year’s event. Having seen it all before, here are some observations of working on annual events:

It gets easier.

You’ve completed the first event. You now know the players and processes involved. An honest recap with your team should reveal what worked, what didn’t, what could be improved and what should absolutely be repeated. As you begin prep for the next year, you have a roadmap for what to expect. Think:

  • What timelines need to be tweaked?
  • Who are the allies/partners you met this year to help you execute tasks moving forward?
  • What came up that you didn’t expect? How can you prepare for that circumstance in the future?
  • If working with a client, what were the hits and misses for them? Work tirelessly to solve any misses for next time.

Always be prepared for the unexpected.

Sure, you’ve seen the event in action, but each year holds its own unknowns. Be flexible enough to alter plans, if needed. Though you know the landscape, do your due diligence:

  • Preview the venue(s) – has anything changed (contacts, layout, etc.)? Think through how any new developments could impact your event.
  • Talk through your event timeline with an outsider. This person may see things or have questions you haven’t thought of.
  • Allow time in your schedule to problem-solve – if something does crop up, have a bit of wiggle room (or have someone you can call) to develop and execute a solution.

Continue to be excellent.

Don’t ever phone something in. Working on tasks on repeat can seem monotonous; continue to strive for excellence.

  • Deliver assets before a deadline
  • Communicate updates to keep partners/vendors/clients apprised of progress (while they know you’ll get the job done, provide peace of mind along the way that tasks are being accomplished)
  • Strengthen relationships with existing contacts by treating each interaction like the first – giving each partner the time and attention they deserve