Whatever “it” is, why are you waiting for someone else to create it for you?

What is holding you back from starting “it” yourself?

In this day and age, with a computer, Internet connection and desire you can do or be anything you want.

Think about this. I grew up in the glorious Eighties with Top Gun, The Goonies, Madonna and Erasure. My parents continually encouraged me that I could “do anything I wanted” when I grew up. Really? Was that realistic then? Did I have access to all of the information in the world at my fingertips? Did I have access to almost every world leader, CEO, athlete or celebrity?  Not at that time, I didn’t. But my parents bought into the American Dream and imparted H O P E in my consciousness.

Now, in 2015, consider telling the same thing to yourself or your kids. The actual potential to do “anything you want” in 2015 is way more attainable then it was in 1986.

So what is holding you back?

Grab a laptop. Login. Get to work. And make it happen for yourself. Start living your dreams right now.