I recently took a trip to Europe, and it is fascinating how they handle brands in Italy and Switzerland.  There is an aesthetic and a consistency that they use in major cities that is less present in the US.  if you have a chance to go overseas and study brands – you should!

Here is the biggest takeaway I had.  When you are away from home, you experience different forms of discomfort.  You are often tired and hungry, and you crave things that you know and love.  And after a few days or a week of discomfort, your cravings for familiar scream loudly.

This is where brand coloring and logos come to play.  When I got to this point, just seeing the edge of a Delta logo – the rich red and navy blue – made me immediately comfortable in the airport.  I saw the green of the Starbucks logo and salivated – and I instantly relaxed.  It was these COLORS that triggered me – I didn’t even see the full logo.

Consistency in coloring is KEY to the familiarity and recognition it will bring.  Pay attention, and always use the same PMS colors.  Stick with it, and your fans will find comfort in those colors.