It’s the beginning of the year, so New Year’s resolutions are in full effect. Have you made your resolutions? Have you determined to make 2016 the best year yet?

It is definitely a trap of the season…

Oftentimes, New Years resolutions are abandoned by the end of January because they are so large and daunting.  Goals like “I want to lose 50lbs!” “I want to read a book every week!” “I want to write and publish a book” “I want to be a better person”…those are all good goals but so LARGE that people typically abandon them before they ever really make traction…

Here is what I have learned – Big Dreams Start Small.  In my case, there was a flicker of an idea to start my own business, and it grew over 2-3 years before I had the courage to start.  So as the New Year comes about, my challenge to you is to listen to the whispers in your heart and see what they are saying.  That is the genesis of the bigger desire growing in your heart.  And then, focus on that.  Take one step every day toward that whisper – and that will unfold into your giant, big dream.

So do not stop dreaming the BIG dream – just START by taking small manageable steps.

If you want to start your own business, begin the year with research on the competition.  Or start with a logo. Or start with a manifesto.  These things will be the groundwork you need to develop the big goal, and achieve the greater dream.

Do not lose heart – dream big – but start small.