I recently was able to attend an Adele concert – and it was epic.  I self profess that I hate that word – EPIC – it is so overused and so often not at all close to what is actually happening.  But for Adele – it’s suitable.

I would consider myself a casual fan of hers.  I have her albums, and I like 25 more then the rest, but I am by no means a crazy fan of hers…I typically do not even list her in my top 3 favorite artists.

Prior to the show, Top 5 maybe.

After the show – top 2.

What I loved about it was that she was 100% authentic.  What you see is what you get. From stage, she was hilarious, gregarious, kind and welcoming.  There were 15,000 people at the show we were at, and one of my friends leaned over and said, “you would think she was still playing in bars” – meaning it was like we were all 10 feet away from her just having a casual conversation.  She was so honest from stage – and said probably 100 things other artists are coached NOT to say.  A lot of times, when I watch celebrities on talk shows, you know they have been coached and that their answers are practiced.  Adele is always off the cuff, and it was fascinating to watch her live and to see that the girl who is on TV goofing off with Ellen and Jimmy Fallon is exactly the same on stage.  It was so inspiring.

Lastly, prior to the show, I wasn’t extremely impressed with the “eyelid” branding, and although I knew it was the cover of the album, I just didn’t love it.  Yet going to the show, the brand mark made more sense to me.  During the pre-show walk in, the eyes are on the screen, and are closed.  When Adele comes out, the eyes open (which we kind of assumed would happen).  Yet after sitting through the show, and getting to know Adele through it, I had a deeper understanding of the mark. The whole concert is as much about music as it is to get to know her, and get inside of her head – so with the eyes opening, it confirms that her eyes are the window to her soul.

If you have a chance to go see Adele – GO.  Beg, borrow or steal.  You will not be sad.