Working with maddjett this summer, I learned a lot about the company, clients, and industry, however even more than that, I learned important things about interning, networking, and being successful in the future. Here are the top 5 things I learned this summer while working at maddjett:

  1. It’s a small world

With one of maddjett’s goals being to identify potential partnerships between brands, it became clear to me that everyone knows each other in Nashville. This can be true in bigger cities too, especially within specific industries. It’s important to never burn bridges, deliver what you say you will, and do everything with a smile. You never know who may have heard of you already – whether that be for good or bad reasons! That being said…

  1. Always put your best foot forward

This seems like a given, but it is important to constantly remind yourself. It’s rewarding to know you impressed your bosses with your hard work, and the company will benefit from your dedication as well. Taking shortcuts can often only result in a longer process. Additionally, as an intern at maddjett, I was constantly meeting new people and hearing about new brands and companies. It’s important to always present your best work because you never know who you will meet and work with as an intern who may help you out in the future. Finally, if you do not push yourself to do your best work, you lose the opportunity to set new standards for yourself and grow as an employee.

  1. Be open to new tasks

If looking up vending machines doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, think of it as an opportunity to practice skills like researching and creating presentations. Also, look at the big picture – your tasks are important and are helping the company, which is a pretty great feeling.

  1. Your co-workers are important

Who you spend five days a week with is important. Co-workers can make or break your work experience. Luckily, in addition to loving my work, I enjoyed Leigh, Liz, and Shaun’s company every day and looked forward to arriving at work! I know now just how important it is when looking for a job that I make sure I fit in with the company culture and the current employees.

  1. Ask questions

Many interns are groomed to think that asking their boss questions makes them annoying or look like they really aren’t qualified to be interning at that company. I’ve learned that this is a wrong mindset to have. An internship is an opportunity to learn, and if you don’t ask questions, you’re wasting that opportunity. Make sure they’re not lazy questions though. If you can figure out the answer yourself in a timely manner, take those extra minutes to do so. Liz was definitely my go-to person for questions, so this is a public thank you for answering the questions I’ve had along the way!

Working at maddjett has made me feel so much more prepared to launch my career, because I’ve learned so much from Leigh, Liz, and Shaun. Having gained real world experience from the meaningful tasks I’ve been assigned at maddjett, I look forward to post-grad life, knowing I can always ask the maddjett family for advice when I need help!