2.3 million people.

That’s approximately the population of Houston, Texas.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States.

Imagine interacting with every person in Houston, essentially shaking the hand of each one. Well, that’s just one of the things we did last year.

If you follow maddjett on Instagram, you may have noticed that we attended a number of tour dates on Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 Tour’.  (If you don’t follow us, now is the time). Despite being fans of the pop star, we weren’t there to watch the show each night. Our main focus was to oversee a seamless distribution of LED-bracelets to all 2.3 million fans who walked through the gates on behalf of our client, PixMob.

The logistics of this process varied from country to country, city to city, arena to stadium, indoor to outdoor. With each advancing call we quickly learned that some venues just wanted to get it right and relied on our expertise, while other venues were giveaway “experts” and preferred their methods to ours. We hired arena staff and temp staff, chartered buses to transport this staff and perfected a method of taping that prevents residue to be left on arena chairs.

Whether you made it to the show and experienced the bracelets or not, the trailer to the ‘1989 Tour’ film does a great job showcasing this event transforming technology.

All in all, it was worth it to watch the reaction of each fan when the bracelets lit up for the first time during the night. And to top that, the bracelets even saved the lives of a few concertgoers in Baton Rouge.

Did we see this opportunity coming? No. Were we ready when it presented itself? Absolutely.