We got this.

Our team has experience working with and for local, regional and national nonprofits. We understand the unique challenges that face staff, boards and resources. We’re here to help advance your goals by working within the structure of your organization to enact lasting change. We are honored to do this work – strengthening organizations and benefitting the community.

Scroll through the options below to see how we can partner together to increase your impact.

Whether recently formed or well-established, it can be a difficult process to define or redefine your brand. Your mission, logo, website and collaterals should have a clear perspective and appearance to best engage funders, donors, general supporters and clients.

It is a true passion of our team to help organizations clarify their brands. If you have questions or concerns about yours, we’ll look forward to working toward answers with your team.

What’s your plan?

Let us work with your staff and board to help your organization identify where to go and how to get there. We’ll identify opportunities and best leverage your existing resources to send you down a constructive, sustainable path.

What is your story?

Your ability to garner support and serve your constituents depends on how well you share what, how and why you do what you do. If your existing communication tools (mission statement, vision, web copy, donor request letters, etc.) do not adequately tell your story, we can help.

We’ll work with staff and stakeholders to identify your organization’s most unique and compelling characteristics. Together, we’ll develop phrasing to best engage your audience(s) in your work.

The online space can be overwhelming. maddjett will work to grow your digital support network and share your story online.

We’ll make recommendations about where your organization should invest its time and resources, create profiles and work with staff to develop a year-round communication schedule that can be implemented with or without our help.

As you approach potential partners, it will be imperative to have packages that align with their goals, as well as yours.

maddjett will help identify sponsorable assets, build and price worthwhile packages and assist with the design of these materials.

Social enterprise is growing as more companies realize the benefits of supporting charity while doing the work they already do. True social enterprise is defined as organization or venture that advances its primary social or environmental mission using business methods. Depending on your organization’s mission and the services offered, there is a chance developing a social enterprise within your nonprofit could greatly benefit your income and constituents.

Our team will work to analyze existing structures and potential endeavors (from productizing donations, to employing those you serve and more) to see if social enterprise is a feasible fit for your organization. 


maddjett was kind enough to select SmART! Supplies as their 2014 fall nonprofit partner. The work maddjett provided exceeded our expectations. Through each meeting I was constantly impressed by the ideas and knowledge shared by both Leigh and Liz. Their professionalism, attention to detail and interest in SmART!’s goals were exemplary. Thanks to maddjett, people who know very little about SmART! now have a place to find information about our nonprofit… and so much more.
With their help we have reached more clients and shared information that might have otherwise been unavailable. The maddjett team also gave us suggestions on how to organize and plan for future events. The SmART! team is very grateful for maddjett’s contribution to our cause. I highly recommend maddjett, and I’m confident you, too, will be thrilled with their work.

Laurel Sprague
, SmART Supplies Retail Manager

Visit the SmART Supplies site: www.smartsupplies.org